Hey, Eagles Fans! Here are 10 Triumphant Classical Selections To Boost Your Winning Mood!

Feb 7, 2018

Are you an ecstatic fan of the Philadelphia Eagles? Heading to the big Super Bowl victory parade on Thursday? Well, we're celebrating, too...with our top 10 classical works that will leave you flying high!

Classical hosts Jack Moore and Gregg Whiteside came up with this playlist for champions! It's music that spells V-I-C-T-O-R-Y to their expert ears.

1. Fritz Brun: Overture to a Jubilee Celebration

2. George Gershwin: "Strike Up the Band"

3. Giuseppe Verdi: The Triumphal March from Aida

4. Harry Alford: Glory of the Gridiron

5. John Philip Sousa: The Invincible Eagle March

6. Aaron Copland: Fanfare for the Common Man

7. John Williams: Imperial March from Star Wars

8. Handel: Music for the Royal Fireworks

9. Handel: See, The Conquering Hero Comes

10. John Philip Sousa: The Globe and Eagle March