WRTI Leadership Circle

WRTI's 2017 Leadership Circle Members:

Kenneth Andersen
Edward Anderson
James Anderson
Elizabeth Anton
Barbara and Theodore Aronson
James and Janet Averill
Carol Baker and Mark Stein
David Balmer
Joe Battin
Robert Bauers

Laurie Beach
Robert Belasco and Jean Bello Belasco
Linda and Alan Belfus
Evelyn Berger
Christine Blidan
Evelyn Bouden
Christopher and Angela Brindisi
Lois and Julian Brodsky
A. Michael Broennle
Delbert Broughton and Frank Wilhelm

William and Irene Brown
Bill and Sheryl Bullitt
Colin Campbell
Thomas Cannon
Robert Capen
William Carey
Paula Carmichael
William Carson
June and Roger Cason
H. Raymond Chandler

Mary Chomitz
Jeffrey Cogshall and Rosamond Ryan
Rosalie Cohen
Gregory Coleman
Tristram and Ruth Colket
Dave Conant
Patricia Conard
Larry and Leslie Cook
Phyllis Cooke
Don and Dianne Cooney

Gerret and Tatiana Copeland
Neil and Betsey Cullen
John Curtin
John D'Angelo
Lydia De Hope
Linda Deis
Dorothy del Bueno
Grace DeMarco
Karen Dettwyler
Marc Dinardo and Elizabeth Drum

Alisha and Abraham Dubb
Mark Duckett and Stan Gaddy
Elaine Dye
David and Gina Eberly
Scott and Kristin Edwards
Elisabeth Erlbaum
Mary Ersek
David and Judith Feick
Jerry and Brenda Frebowitz
Joseph and Patricia Galiazzi

Deborah and Mark Gaspar
Eduardo Glandt and George Ritchie
Jerome and Barbara Glickman
David and Linda Glickstein
Virginia Gollin and Armen Jermakian
Donald Goodyear
Jan Goplerud
Joanne Greenspun
Erik and Ellen Gregorie
Raymond and Elizabeth Grenald

Allan Grim
James and Mignon Groch
Jane Haegele
Margaret Hanson
Kazuya Hayakawa
Michael and Marguerite Hayes
Carole Hely
Hannah Henderson
Sharon Holloway
Rodney and Frances Horton

Kenneth Hutchins
Annabelle Irey
Eva Jackson
Josephine Janson
Julia Johns
Marilyn Johnson
William and Jennifer Johnson
Barbara and Joseph R. Julian
Richard Kadison
Alan Keim

Kim Kelly
Aileen Kennedy
Bob and Ann Kline
Joseph Kluger and Susan Lewis
Guy and Joan Knickerbocker
Mel Kohn
Norman and Hermie Kranzdorf
Reinhard and Sue D. Kruse
Kenneth and Judy Lau
Robert Lawler

Edward and Kathryn Lee
Harold and Marguerite Lenfest
George and Margie Leone
Ron Leonhard
Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer
Nora Lewis and Stuart Spinner
Gerald and Eun Sook Liebling
Jane Lowe
John and Martha Lubell
Ronald Ludwick

Bruce Mainwaring
Lucy Malone
Mary Martin
James and Betty Matarese
Sandra Mather
Marja Mattila-Evenden and John Evenden
Maria McCarthy
Nicole McInerney and Ted Rich
Robert and Sharon Melson
Sean Melvin

Robert Messerschmidt
Salvatore Micciche
David Michie
Michael Middaugh
David Miller
Elinor Miller
Jaydee Miller
Nancy Miller
Andrew Moore
Joseph and Judith Moser

Michael and Sarah Mulhern
Joy Mulholland
Mary Mullany
Benjamin Neilson
Carol Nolan-Hely
Frode and Anne Nordhoy
Parry and Nancy Norling
Eleanor Nunan
Earl Oberholtzer
Therese Obringer

Linda O'Connor
Susan Odessey
Joseph Paquette
Gary and Betsy Patterson
Gayda Patterson
Sally Pearne
Mike and Martha Pedersen
Leroy and Jane Perkins
Susan Peterson
Jo Dee Pettine

Dan Phelan
Lucy Pierre
David and Susan Pingree
W. Raymond Podulka
Tobias and Sabrina Poole
Roberta Potsic
Judith Ramirez
Philip Ravenscroft
Paul Ray
Vanessa Reed

Joyce Riley
Dan Ritter
Donald Rosato
Jeffrey and Dianne Rotwitt
Georgia and John Rudisill
Michael Rueterand Julie Stone
Frank and Barbara Rush
Lucille Russell and Clive Hammant
Mary Rose Ryan
Damona Sain

Betsy Salandria
Diane Sarkisian
Louis Scaglione
Robert Schmidlein
M. Barry Schultz
Betsy Schumacker
Edgar Scott
Cecilia Segawa Seigle
Antoinette Seymour

William and Mary Sharrar
Arlin and Esther Shisler
A. Roy Smith
Bradford and Ellen Smith
Norman Smith
Rheta Smith
Edward and Gail Snitzer
Hannah Snyder
Joan Sparks
Roseanne Spear

Carolyn Staley
Henry Steenland
Ronald and Toni Stevens
Mary Stom and Dru Hammell
Kristine and Barry Stott
Arlene Stratton
Stephen Stumpf
Anne Sullivan
Eleanor Sullivan
Paula Szortyka

Albert Talone
Jean Tegeler
Roberta Throne
Charles and Margo Todd
James Trombadore
Simon Trowell and Steven Alles
Thomas and Francine Tudor
Jeffrey Tung and Arnold Wu
Lorelle Vowler
John Walsh

Frank and Ada Warner
Elizabeth Warsaw
Carol Westfall
Hyon and Gregg Whiteside
Louise Wiley
Quincy and Nancy Williams
Yoram Wind
Abraham Wolf
John Yeatman

Dennis and Susan Yeingst
Curtis Young
Mary Yurchenco
Michael Zasloff
Cathy and Bill Zeltman
Richard Ziemer
Kenneth Zimmerman
Robert Zimring