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Corporate and Cultural Underwriting

Become a WRTI Sponsor!

WRTI's audience is comprised of a niche market of sophisticated, intellectual consumers who value classical music and jazz on public radio. Become one of our corporate or cultural sponsors and you will reach this highly educated and influential audience.

Current WRTI underwriters include regional arts and cultural institutions, health systems, university and financial institutions, small to large-sized retailers, automotive dealerships, and restaurants.

For more information, please contact Denise McDevitt, Account Manager, or by calling 215-204-5256 ext. 3 or emailing

Industry research has proven that public radio listeners patronize businesses and organizations that support the stations that they listen to. The strong loyalty of this audience is unique in the marketing community.


  • Direct access to a targeted audience with a personal commitment to WRTI
  • Name recognition among professionals and business leaders likely to be interested in your product or service
  • Credibility by associating with classical and jazz programming on public radio
  • Appreciation from your colleagues, customers, and peers, who will recognize your commitment and connection to the WRTI community

Reach and Coverage

WRTI is one of the top music-based public radio stations in the United States. Our format of 24-hour classical and jazz programming reaches over 330,500* individual listeners each week over our 13-station network covering Philadelphia's tri-state area. Our coverage area, anchored by our 50,000 watt station in Philadelphia, reaches as far west as Carlisle, Pennsylvania; south past Dover, Delaware; as far north as Scranton and past Toms River, New Jersey to the east. View Our Coverage Map Here.

The WRTI Audience

More than 330,500* listeners tune in to the network each week. They have:

Money - WRTI's midday listeners index at 393%** for individual employment Income of $150,000 to $249,000

Power - WRTI's midday listeners index at 235%** for those whose occupation is a professional specialty

Brains - WRTI's midday listeners index at 227%** for having a post-graduate degree

For companies/organizations seeking awareness with the most influential and affluent audience in Philadelphia's tri-state area, and recognition in the community as a patron of the arts, corporate underwriting on WRTI is a must for your marketing mix.

For more information about underwriting, please contact Denise McDevitt, Account Manager, or by calling 215-204-5256 ext. 3 or emailing


WRTI Corporate Support Guidelines

FCC and Public Broadcasting - Background

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) established by the Communications Act of 1934, was charged with U.S. regulating of interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable. One of the FCC's responsibilities was regulating noncommercial radio and TV and enforcement of a prohibition on the broadcast of "advertisements" by noncommercial stations. Over the years, recognizing the need for non-commercial stations to support themselves financially, the FCC and Congress re-defined underwriting restrictions.

FCC Underwriting Guidelines

Non-commercial stations are required to identify entities that provide financial consideration in exchange for some form of on-air acknowledgment.

The FCC defines advertising as:

Any message or programming material which is broadcast or otherwise transmitted in exchange for any remuneration, and which is intended:

  • to promote any service, facility or product offered by any person who is engaged in such offering for profit;
  • to express the views of any person with respect to any matter of public importance or interest; or
  • to support or oppose any candidate for political office

Underwriting Credits May Include:

  • The name of the company  or entity
  • Corporate mission
  • Location information
  • Telephone numbers and website addresses
  • Value neutral descriptions of a product or service
  • Brand and trade names
  • Product or service listings that do not include qualitative or comparative language

Underwriting Credits May Not Include:

  • Price information
  • Calls to action
  • Inducements to buy, sell, rent or lease
  • Religious or political advocacy
  • Comparative or qualitative information
  • Third-party funders

Important note:

An underwriting credit may be promotional even if the information it contains is factually true. The fact that the underwriter's claim can be proven will not make it acceptable. If the copy violates one of the restrictions listed above, it is unacceptable. WRTI reserves the right to reject announcements that are inconsistent with our standards and practices and our license holder Temple University.

For more information about underwriting, please contact Denise McDevitt, Account Manager, or by calling 215-204-5256 ext. 3 or emailing


Online Sponsorship Guidelines

Expand Your Reach with Sponsorship on

Corporations and non-profit organizations can reach WRTI listeners with online sponsorships on Our popular website has extensive programming information and content that enriches the classical music and jazz broadcast experience for our audience.

Why Become an Online Sponsor?

WRTI is a 14-station network with over 330,500* listeners weekly. WRTI's listeners are committed to, and curious about, the programs they hear. They seek supplemental information about the music - and access to WRTI's two full-time web streams (one 24-hour classical stream, and one 24-hour jazz stream) - by frequently visiting the WRTI website. As a result of your online sponsorship on, your message becomes part of our audience's daily web experience.

Our audience knows just how important corporate and cultural underwriting is to the financial health of WRTI. When they visit the WRTI website, and notice your sponsorship message, it tells them that you are committed to supporting something that they value - classical music and jazz on public radio. This connection also tells the audience that you are part of the WRTI community.

A Valued Audience

WRTI's listeners are highly educated, affluent, well-traveled, and powerful in their fields of work. Many listeners are professionals who are sophisticated consumers, and arts and culture enthusiasts.

A Strong Connection

According to industry research, public radio listeners support companies and cultural organizations that share their values. Your online sponsorship will resonate with WRTI's audience.

A Click Away

A well-designed marketing campaign seeks to increase website traffic. Supplement your campaign with an online sponsorship tile on WRTI's homepage. When listeners visit the WRTI website, they will see your sponsorship message. With over 50,000 monthly visitors, the WRTI website is highly valued. Your website is just a click away.

Specific Restrictions for Online Sponsorships:

Calls to Action:

Text such as "click here to learn more," is acceptable. "Buy" or "try" statements are not allowed.

Qualitative/Comparative Statements:

Statements of quantitative or comparative fact, as well as statements that reflect standard means of categorization and definition ('luxury'; car or 'gourmet' food, for example) are permitted. Statements that involve subjective evaluation or quality are not permitted. Statements which compare the product or service to anything else (e.g., the best, biggest, most, least, etc.) are not permitted.

Price Information/Inducements to Buy:

Mention of price or inducements such as "free, limited-time offer, reduced, limited supply, or sale" are not permitted.

For more information about underwriting, please contact Denise McDevitt, Account Manager, or by calling 215-204-5256 ext. 3 or emailing

*Nielsen Radio Spring 2017