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Pianist George Fu: Head and Heart

Pianist George Fu

On Sunday, October 19th at 5 pm, Philadelphia Music Makers on WRTI is hosted by Harvard- and Curtis-educated pianist George Fu.

George has never suffered from a lack of ambition. At the age of three, he was so enamored with an electric piano that he attempted to hoist it home from a yard sale by himself, prompting his parents - both scientists - to enroll him in lessons. 

Like a swan to water, Fu intuitively connected with the instrument and was soon able to play tunes by ear, growing to understand the keyboard as an extension of himself, which allowed him to replicate particular sounds. Naturally curious, he engaged with his studies enthusiastically, often opting to stay inside and practice while other kids played outdoors.

However, Fu’s love affair with his chosen instrument didn’t immediately translate to classical music itself. He ultimately achieved an appreciation for and understanding of the genre after learning to search for the universal humanity inscribed in every piece.

Fu’s connection with the piano has allowed him to perform even the most technically challenging pieces with apparent effortlessness, while his inward-facing nature prompts deep reflection on the music, allowing him to access untapped parts of his personality with every new addition to his repertoire.  

Each of the works Fu shared on Music Makers expresses the intimate, even spiritual, relationship between performer and composition, illustrating his theoretically studied and deeply emotionally felt immersion in the music.

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