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Kenya Update: Life After the December 2007 Election

By Windsor Johnston


Kenya Update: Life After the December 2007 Election

Philadelphia, PA – What started out as an attempt by WRTI News Director Windsor Johnston to shed light on the lives of Kenyan villagers, quickly changed on December 29, 2007. That was the day when results of the presidential election were announced by the Electoral Commission of Kenya. Many believe the election was rigged.

The outcome of the election immediately prompted demonstrations, which quickly turned violent and later, deadly. Thousands of homes, churches, schools, gas stations, and businesses were torched by rioters. The death toll since December 29th has surpassed 1,500 and hundreds of thousands more people have been displaced.

Windsor recently contacted several of the people featured on News and Views last month to see how they're coping after the chaotic December 2007 election, and to find out what life in Kenya is like now.