Jazz Appreciation Month on WRTI: Classic Album of the Week is Time Out

Apr 10, 2018

April is Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM), so we're spotlighting albums that are the benchmarks of influence and popularity. Each week in April we'll highlight one album that deserves to be called classic. Dave Brubeck's Time Out is this week's timeless wonder.

We are paying another visit to the magical jazz year of 1959 for this Classic Album of the Week. Pianist Dave Brubeck took a chance recording Time Out, an album that used uncommon time signatures inspired by traditional music Brubeck encountered on a trip to Turkey. His quartet consisted of Paul Desmond on saxophone, Eugene Wright on bass and Joe Morello on the drums, and this album made them stars.

Not right away, though. The critics were not kind regarding this album, but it turned into a top selling record with a top 40 single. “Take Five” was the standout tune, written by Paul Desmond, and has been featured in numerous movies, shows and commercials, and is now so recognizable that, according to the authors of The Penguin Guide To Jazz Recordings, “no one hears what’s going on anymore.”

A lot has been going on with the tune (and album) that now needs an active ear to notice its complexity. The quartet went on to record numerous albums together, and Time Out was released on CD, and then in Legacy Edition form. It was chosen by the Library of Congress as one of the fifty recordings to be added to the National Recording Registry in 2005. Oh, and you’ll still hear these tunes all the time, even if you don’t notice.