Join us on Monday, September 30th at 12:10 PM on WRTI 90.1 for tango music and conversation with an ensemble of piano, bandoneon, and violin, recently recorded live in the WRTI Performance Studio. WRTI's Susan Lewis is host.

Paul Bergen/Getty Images

Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla took the tango of his youth to new places, infusing it with elements of classical music and jazz, creating his own distinctive style. WRTI's Susan Lewis reports on his work for orchestra, Tangazo.

Tango Nuevo

Apr 25, 2015

The tango spins and snaps to a halt on Now Is the Time, Saturday, April 25th at 9 pm. If there’s a meaning behind Mean Old Pony Tango by Michael Kurth, we’ll let it go by to revel in the string quartet antics, and Adrienne Albert combines rock energy with the smooth ride of L.A. Tango Nuevo. A solo piano is overcome with romance in Robert Elkjer’s En-tango-ed, and James Adler gnarls a Twisted Tango with his own self at the piano, accompanying saxophone.

Ingrid Arauco’s Divertimento for an unusual trio includes a tango among its movements. Kenneth Froelich has no obvious tango in Clockwork Automata, but do we detect its spirit among the spinning and clicking? Finally, a string quartet returns to play Tanguori by Jeremy Cohen, snapping the program to a close.