Jazz Profiles

December 17, 2018. The ever-elegant jazz pianist Beegie Adair always aims to please lovers of all types of music. Her sophisticated technique translates standards into warm, beautiful masterpieces. On Some Enchanted Christmas, Beegie teams up with vocalist Monica Ramey to serve a homey cup of holiday cheer.

Meridee Duddleston

It is a strange phenomenon that oftentimes, very likeable and talented souls can go somewhat unnoticed, as far as broad notice and wide appeal is concerned. But thank goodness for those gifted with 20-20’s, big ears and acute senses who can spot good folks with talent, right off.

October 22, 2018. It’s always exciting to come across a jazz vocal album that is eclectic while remaining true to jazz art form. It’s even more exciting when the vocalist is relatively unknown. Flying is a great example of how Johnaye Kendrick has used her jazz education to come into her own.


Born in England to Jamaican parents, vocalist and songwriter Julie Dexter is no stranger to the stage on both sides of the pond. Classically trained with an upbringing spiked with jazz and major island influences, Julie’s compositions stand out like none other. 

Tyler McClure

Jazz singer Laura Lizcano moved to Lykens, PA from her native Columbia when she was ten years old. She felt like a bit of an outsider at school because everything was different in America (even the pronunciation of her own name). When she realized that people really wanted to hear Latin-American music, her life took a positive turn.