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Leap Day: Any Plans?

Something that only comes around once every four years and doesn't involve either politics or Olympic competition deserves its own mention:

Wednesday is Feb. 29.

Leap day, that is.

Our friend Linton Weeks has put together a handy list of 24 things you could do with the extra 24 hours. (And yes, we know that some of you have already started your day; but, hey, we're an East Coast-based blog.)

The Tennessean says thousands of people around the world are going to be out "geocaching" — using GPS coordinates to find hidden treasures and the bragging rights that apparently come with success finding them on a peculiar day.

The Jersey Journal reminds us that in some countries, if a woman asks a man to marry her on Leap Day, he's supposed to say yes.

The Wall Street Journal contributes "great" sports moments in leap day history, which actually don't seem that remarkable. Maybe hockey great Gordie Howe scoring his 800th goal, but the Los Angeles Lakers beating the Portland Trailblazers 90-87?

The Pioneer Press breaks the bad news to criminals: "In the eyes of the law, a year has 12 months, not 365 days." That could mean one more day behind bars for some.

All we want to know, though, is:

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