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Arts Desk & Arts News - Submission Guidelines

WRTI's Susan Lewis and Meridee Duddleston

Attention Publicists: 

Below are directions for sending story ideas and other content proposals for broadcast to WRTI - please read carefully.

WRTI airs Arts Desk features and Arts News.  What’s the difference between them?

  • An Arts Desk feature is a 90-second recorded feature that runs daily for an entire week and is produced at least one week in advance of airing.  Typically it requires interviews and more substantial research resulting in a finished piece that tells a story that remains relevant beyond the initial airing of the piece.  Relevant interviews and related material are posted indefinitely on our website. We air a maximum of five Arts Desk features a week. ?

  • Arts News is the reporting of significant news events (seldom promotional) in the world of arts.  Our objective is to get these stories to air quickly to keep our audience informed of major developments in the arts.  We have three  regular newscasts each morning and interrupt  programming at other times for significant breaking news.

Arts Desk Feature Guidelines: Listen to and take a look at our content online and on the air. Ideas should be submitted as far in advance as possible. Please be aware that - because of the high volume of queries we receive - we do not guarantee that we will respond to your story idea.

In your query, please make clear:
1.  WHAT is the story?  The Arts Desk features are stories about people, places, ideas,  and creations showing how the arts can change the way we experience the world.
2.  WHY is it of interest to our listeners? The purpose of an Arts Desk feature is not to promote an event for the event’s sake; but an upcoming event or exhibition can be an opportunity to illustrate compelling stories and ideas.   Our number one objective is to expand and deepen our listeners' relationship with music and the arts; the feature’s timing may result in promoting an event, as well.
Please PLAN AHEAD. If there is an event around which the arts feature is ideally timed, please pitch as far in advance as possible.

Arts News Guidelines:  Communications about Arts News should clearly state:
1.  WHAT is the news story? We want to keep our listeners current on news about important people, issues and events in the arts world.

2.  WHY is it news? Is it a subject that is important for our listeners to know about?

SUBMIT in TIMELY FASHION news you would like us to consider.

Please release news to us simultaneously or in advance of release to other media outlets. We will embargo news when necessary. Except in unusual circumstances, we do not attend press events when the "news" has already been reported by other media outlets.

Thanks for reading our guidelines!   Please send your ideas for Arts Desk and Arts News to artspitch@wrti.organd indicate in the subject line of your email if your idea should be considered for Arts Desk or Arts News.