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Why Andreas Delfs Loves the Temple University Symphony Orchestra Experience

Andreas Delfs is artistic director of the Temple University Symphony Orchestra.

The leader of an ensemble such as Temple University’s Symphony Orchestra does much to educate and prepare the next generation of musicians. WRTI's Susan Lewis talked with Artistic Director Andreas Delfs, who says the learning goes both ways.   

Andreas Delfs conducts the Temple University Symphony Orchestra on Thursday, November 16th at 7:30 pm in a program that includes Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 as well as Mozart’s Sinfonia Concertante, and music by Liszt and Bartok.

Temple University Symphony Orchestra Artistic Director and Conductor Andreas Delfs talks with WRTI's Susan Lewis about his enthusiasm for leading and learning from musicians in a university ensemble.

Radio script: 

[Music: Berlioz, Symphonie Fantastique]

Susan Lewis: He has had a long career as music director of professional orchestras in Germany, and around the US; Andreas Delfs says leading a University ensemble is exciting for him and the students, who bring to the first rehearsal different cultural backgrounds, musical experiences, and expectations.

Andreas Delfs: What? Symphonie Fantastique in four weeks? And then to see the pride in their eyes when they actually do it four weeks later!

SL: Delfs introduces the ensemble and its audiences to the range of today’s orchestral musical styles and genres—from early music performance practices to popular holiday favorites to contemporary music.

[Music: Adams, Short Ride in a Fast Machine]

AD: They all need the versatility to play music they’ve never seen before.

SL:  To the great masterworks.

AD: I realized that one piece...my musicians need to play if they are going to go out in the world is "ta ta ta ta."

[Music: Beethoven, Symphony No. 5]

SL: Delfs says doing such works with young people who may be playing them for the first time gives him new perspective.

AD: My whole interpretation of anything is probably the result of having done pieces with many orchestras over many years through the time, and to add this particular voice to it, the students of Boyer College of Music, is something I look forward to it, because it will influence the way I look at these beloved pieces in my own heart and in my own mind for the future.

SL: The orchestra this season performs a variety of musical genres from different time periods, including choral music, tone poems, overtures, concertos and symphonies.