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Maureen Malloy Recommends...

Oscar Peterson: Unmistakable
A Zenph Re-Performance

There is nothing quite like listening to Oscar Peterson play the piano. The man was a true musical genius, and his playing exuded rigid technique and grace - all at the same time. This Unmistakable release is a solo record, and may be one of the most pristine recordings of Oscar's work that has ever existed.

This CD is actually a "Re-Performance" of Oscar Peterson's music, dreamed up by a company called Zenph. The folks there actually hooked up a state-of-the-art piano to sophisticated technology that precisely replicated each and every note, and every detail of how that note was played. Some of the world's best performances happened before digital recording existed. This technique takes the best performances and allows them to sound perfect.

Peterson was a fan of technology and was happy to welcome the people from Zenph into his home before his passing in 2007; he was thrilled to learn the process and choose the performances that would be re-worked. When you listen to this recording, you will truly get to hear a master at work, down to the tiniest articulation. --Maureen

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