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Watch Electro-Jazz Drummer Mark Guiliana Perform His Latest Album

Mark Guiliana is a drummer renowned for his chameleon-like ways with pulse — whether he's leading his acoustic jazz quartet, playing in a duo with Brad Mehldau or providing the back beat behind David Bowie's final album, Blackstar. Now, Guiliana is in another mutation mode, shifting his focus from acoustic jazz sounds to explore an exciting realm of electro-jazz.

In this concert film from Rough Trade in New York City, the multi-faceted artist celebrates the release of Beat Music! Beat Music! Beat Music! (Motéma Music). The show, which kicked off a European tour, featured the psychedelic musical interplay of BIGYUKI and Nick Semrad on synthesizers, Chris Morrissey on electric bass, and Guiliana on electronics and drums. This special performance features long-time co-Bowie conspirator Jason Lindner on the melodica.

Guiliana started Beat Music! in his basement in New Jersey a decade ago, as an underground, community-oriented musical experiment. The story behind this fascinating music comes alive in a new podcast episode of WBGO'sThe Checkout.


Mark Guiliana: drums & electronics; Nick Semrad: synthesizers; BIGYUKI: synthesizers; Chris Morrissey: bass; Jason Lindner: melodica


Producers: Colin Marshall, Simon Rentner, Niki Walker; Concert Recording Engineer: David Tallacksen; Concert Video Director: AJ Wilhelm; Videographers: Tsering Bista, Annabel Edwards, Kimani Oletu, Niki Walker; Editor: Colin Marshall; Project Manager: Suraya Mohamed; Senior Producers: Colin Marshall, Katie Simon; Supervising Editors: Keith Jenkins, Lauren Onkey; Executive Producers: Gabrielle Armand, Anya Grundman, Amy Niles; Funded in Part By: The Argus Fund, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Fund, The National Endowment for the Arts, Wyncote Foundation

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