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Public Service Announcements on WRTI

WRTI Public Service Announcements Policy and Guidelines

As a public media institution, WRTI is committed to sharing information of public interest with our audience. Our public service announcement (PSA) policy is designed to achieve two things:

  • To inform our audience of important non-music community events and information

  • To present a balanced set of announcements representing health, welfare, education, and other common or broad community issues

Submission Guidelines

  1. All submissions must be sent in electronic form to You will not receive a personal response, but your message will be routed to a staff member in a position to assess whether the announcement meets our guidelines, including timeliness, complete information, and public interest.

  2. All submissions must be sent with at least one week prior to the event, preferably two. In the case of emergencies (blood drives in response to natural disasters for instance), exceptions may be made. The station receives many more requests than it can honor, therefore, the earlier your request, the greater the chance it can be accommodated.

  3. All submissions must provide complete information including date, time, location, and how the public can receive additional information..

  4. All submissions must be of public interest. Examples of items that will not be considered include concert announcements, political rallies, book releases, author signings, gala or fundraising events, events that benefit a very limited number of people, or events in which the organizer receives personal gain.

Other General Information

  • Due to the nature of our format, PSAs vary as to when they are air.

  • Conformity with the guidelines above does not guarantee that a PSA request will be honored. We simply do not, and cannot, have enough airtime available to honor every request.

  • PSAs are not a substitute for marketing. We encourage organizations to factor in the cost of appropriately marketing their events as part of their planning process. We see many events perform poorly because of a presumption of media coverage instead of a marketing plan. If you want to systematically reach the WRTI audience, please consider speaking with our Corporate Support Manager, Rick Torpey (, 215-204-5290).

  • If your event is an arts and culture event and is several weeks away, we encourage you to read our arts and culture guidelines to learn more about submitting your event.