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A Round of Applause for 15 Years of Dr. Jean Moore's 'University Forum' on WRTI


Temple University Emeritus Professor of Social Work Dr. Jean Moore has been an invaluable and accomplished member of the University faculty since 1969, and an award-winning radio journalist at WRTI since 1997. It is with immeasurable gratitude that we announce that University Forum, the highly regarded public-affairs program that Dr. Moore hosts and produces, airs for the final time on Saturday, September 15th at 6 am.

"The station has been honored to broadcast University Forum for the last 15 years," says WRTI General Manager Dave Conant. "Dealing with such varied topics as Glaucoma research, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the Tuskegee Airmen, and issues for today’s educators, the program showed Dr. Moore’s intellectual depth and curiosity," Mr. Conant explains. "Her gentle, well-articulated voice made her a perfect host and moderator."

Garnering over 50 radio awards since its inception, the program’s most recent honors include the highly respected Communicators Award of Excellence in 2011 for an interview with PA State Senator LeAnna Washington, and the organization's Award of Distinction in 2011 and 2012. Dr. Moore has also been presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Bryn Mawr College, which she cherishes.

Dr. Moore with three Tuskegee Airmen featured on her show.

Does she have a favorite show? "That would be my show on the Tuskegee Airmen," she says with a smile. The show was recognized in 2000 by the Broadcast Educational Association, which yielded yet another award. It also meant a lot to her because her brother, Henry, was one of the brave Tuskegee Airmen.

Recently, Dr. Moore received a letter from a listener that touched her heart. "This woman had moved from Drexel Hill to a town in Arkansas and still listened to the show online.  She said that she wakes up at 5 am to hear the show and even sets a second alarm clock just in case the first one doesn't cooperate."  It's stories like these that provide her with the most satisfaction. "That's what it's all about," she explains.


Dr. Moore's love affair with radio "goes way back." She first brought the show here from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, and before that she took courses in radio broadcasting at Hunter College. "Carrying messages and sharing information that's so important to listeners has been a very meaningful experience for me - and it will continue," she insists. Don't think for a minute that Dr. Moore's presence will not be on the WRTI airwaves – she'll now produce segments for WRTI's News & Views feature. So stay tuned…there's more to come! WRTI extends a big thank you to Dr. Moore for her commitment to all of the listeners who have enjoyed her program over the years.

Read a detailed biography of Dr. Jean Moore here - from April, 2000 edition of TEMPO magazine.

Archive of University Forum shows from 2005 to 2008.

Communicator Awards for Dr. Jean Moore:
1999 - Crystal Award of Excellence - “Living with AIDS”
Honorable Mention - “Dr. John Hope Franklin”
2000 - Crystal ward of Excellence - “The Life and Work of an Artist”
Award of Distinction - “The Story of the Tuskagee Airmen
2001 - Honorable Mention - “Bats and the Batwoman”
2002 - Crystal Award of Excellence - “Prostate Health and Male Sexuality”
2003 - Award of Distinction - “The Death Game: Capital Punishment and the Luck of the Drawer”
Honorable Mention - “The Memories Linger On  For Three World War II Veterans”
2004 - Crystal Award of Excellence - “Organ Transplantation: Surgeon and Two Patients”
Honorable Mention - “Army Reserve Officer - 13 Months in Iraq”
2005 - Crystal Award of Excellence - “Transplantation: Changing One Heart for Another”
Honorable Mention - “Multiple Sclerosis - A Very Personal Interest”

International Cinema in Industry Awards for Dr. Jean Moore - (CINDY)
2000 - Regional Awards for Central States
Gold - “Paul Robeson, Renaissance Man of the 20th Century”
Gold - “Dr. John Hope Franklin, Prof. Emeritus Duke University: From Slavery to the Presidential Medal of Freedom”
Gold - “The Tuskagee Airmen”
Silver - “Fighting Blindness”
Bronze - “Living with Prostate Cancer”
Bronze - “A Young Physician’s Retrospective of the Day of the Oklahoma City Bombing”

2000 International CINDY Awards:
Gold - “Paul Robeson, Renaissance Man of the 20th Century”
Gold - “Dr. John Hope Franklin, Prof. Emeritus Duke University: From Slavery to the Presidential Medal of Freedom”
Gold - “The Tuskagee Airmen”
Bronze - “Fighting Blindness”