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Jazz Memorial Day Weekend: Double Takes!


Everybody has one or two favorite jazz standards, knowing them best as vocals, instrumentals, or even as big band arrangements. So, all Memorial Day Weekend, WRTI will explore the great renditions of jazz standards. Celebrate the unofficial start of summer by doing a "Double Take" with WRTI. At the top and bottom of every hour we'll play both an instrumental and a vocal version of a well-known standard. 

You'll hear all of your favorites, like "Body and Soul," "Take Five," "Misty," and "Afro Blue," in two different ways all weekend long. Expect to hear plenty of Miles along the way, too, as we continue celebrating the 90th anniversary of his birth, since there are quite a few vocal versions of Miles' songs.

Our "Double Take Weekend" will help you get the grill fired up and the good times rolling. Join us!

Maureen began her radio career at WRTI in 1999 while studying broadcasting at Temple University. Determined to make it in the entertainment industry, she took advantage of all the creative opportunities presented to her at WRTI - she hosted the overnight jazz broadcasts through her entire college career, she was an arts and culture reporter, and she soaked up the jazz biz from her many WRTI mentors.