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David Hughes: Taking Time

Pianist David Hughes

What David Hughes seems to love best about music is the journey. As an artist, he embraces the growth process of taking on difficult pieces. As a performer, he delights in guiding audiences through a complete musical experience. He didn’t always know how to pace himself, though.

Early in his education, Hughes realized that his extraordinary gift for sight-reading gave him a big advantage.  This and his other musical gifts allowed him to speed past his peers, even regularly outpacing his teachers. He did slow down, eventually, though. When he reached college, he learned patience and began to take a more methodical approach to music in order to conquer more challenging repertoire. During those years he found a home in the practice room and finally began to truly relish the process of music making and indulge in the finer nuances of technique.

Today, Hughes enjoys sharing his perspective with his audience, often choosing meditative repertoire and forcing his audience to hold their applause so as not to punctuate a beautiful transition. He wants to make sure that they don't miss the subtle beauty of the journey he intends to lead them through.

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