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Watch and Listen: Music Written By Teenage Girls as Part of Young Women Composers Camp

Listen to a sampling of new music that teenage girls have written as part of the Young Women Composers Camp, now in progress on the campus of Temple University.

Professional musicians were live in the WRTI Performance Studio playing several works, streamed live on video. Members of the camp sing a choral work and talk with WRTI's Susan Lewis. (Videos of individual songs are at the bottom of this post.)

Video Part 1:

Emily Ta: “Littoral Sanctuary”
Caroline Skrebutenas: “Locomotion”
Megan Zhong: “The Philosopher’s Death”


Concert track ensemble: Yumi Kendall: associate principal cello, The Philadelphia Orchestra; Erica Peel: piccolo, The Philadelphia Orchestra; Hanchien Lee: concert pianist; SPLICE Ensemble: Keith Kerchoff: piano; YWCC Choir: Marianne Gruzwalski, conductor

Video Part 2:

Abbie Betinis: “Be Like The Bird” (1980 – )

The Young Women Composers Camp was created to celebrate the musical accomplishments of budding young composers and raise awareness of the need for women composers to be represented in educational courses. 

During the intensive two-week camp experience, the 18 participants, ages 13-18,  study composition, meet with professional composers, and write works for one of the resident ensembles to perform.

This year, each student has been composing for either an accoustic concert ensemble of cello, piccolo and piano or the SPLICE Ensemble, which includes trumpet, piano, percussion, and electronics. The WRTI program will include two concert track pieces, one composition featuring electronics, and one choral piece (not a student work) sung by camp participants.

This year's Young Women Composers Camp includes 18 girls ages 13 to 18. They are from South Dakota, Washington, Maryland, New York, and western Pennsylvania, as well as the Philadelphia area. 

Susan writes and produces stories about music and the arts. She’s host and producer of WRTI’s TIME IN online interview series, and contributes weekly intermission interviews for The Philadelphia Orchestra in Concert series. She’s also been a regular host of WRTI’s Live from the Performance Studio sessions.