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WRTI's NPR Live Sessions Video of the Week: The Boysie Lowery Living Jazz Residency

Members of the Delaware-based Boysie Lowery Living Jazz Residency in the WRTI Performance Studio

From the pop of the first note, you know you're in for a musical treat. The ear candy you've enjoyed was created by Courtney Wright, a member of the youth collective that comprises the Delaware-based Boysie Lowery Living Jazz Residency.

Named for trumpeter and bandleader Robert “Boysie” Lowery (1914-1996)—who taught Clifford Brown, Wilmington’s most celebrated jazz musician—the Residency is a group of carefully selected emerging jazz musicians in keeping with Boysie's extraordinary legacy as a jazz educator.

During the Great Migration, Boysie relocated from North Carolina to Wilmington in the early 1940s, where for over 50 years he taught hundreds of aspiring musicians. His knowledge of, and passion for music allowed him to develop a unique teaching method and philosophy of jazz improvisation that was sought out locally locally and beyond.

Among the notable pupils of the Boysie Lowery Method are Lem Winchester, Ernie Watts, Abdu-Rashid Yahya, Marcus Belgrave and Gerald Chavis.

Watch "Joey in the Pocket," a song written by Courtney Wright from The Boysie Lowery Living Jazz Residency, was recorded during a live studio broadcast in the performance studio at WRTI 90.1 Philadelphia.

Bobbi I. Booker is an award-winning multimedia journalist and radio personality whose velvety voice has been a mainstay in the Delaware Valley for over two decades. She can be heard on Spirit Soul Music, Sundays from 6 to 9 a.m., and Jazz Through the Night, weeknights from 12 midnight to 6 a.m.