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A Double Birthday Brunch With Bob Perkins and More Brubeck Festivities!

BP with the GM and Dave Brubeck share the same birthday!

WRTI's celebration of 100 years of Dave Brubeck continues at 9 AM on Sunday Jazz Brunch with Bob Perkins. And Brubeck isn't the only person to celebrate on December 6th—he shares a birthday with our own BP with the GM! Join us for a double birthday listening party this Sunday, December 6th.

Four score and seven year ago, Robert Ellis Perkins entered this world, and and is still pumping out the good music here at WRTI. We're so lucky to have such a broadcasting icon gracing the WRTI airwaves! We're honoring BP by playing some special birthday messages for him during his show. 

Festivities continue at noon, as Josh Jackson presents a special hour dedicated to Dave Brubeck. Dave Brubeck: Legacy of A Legend includes interview clips from from Dave himself, his manager, Russell Gloyd, the great Eugene Wright, and saxophonist Bobby Militello. It's the perfect way to celebrate the milestone of a jazz legend.

Bob Craig will keep the party going on WRTI HD-2 at 3 PM with a special edition of Voices In Jazz that shines the spotlight on the vocalists who collaborated with Dave Brubeck. Singers like Carmen McRae, Al Jarreau, Jon Hendricks, Louis Armstrong, and Tony Bennett are among the greats that either sang with, or were accompanied by Dave.

At 7 PM on 90.1, this week's Big Band Jazz has Bob Craig exploring some big band interpretations of Brubeck favorites, like Tito Puente's "Take Five," and Bill Warfield's Big Band playing "In Your Own Sweet Way." 

A special rebroadcast of Jazz Night In Americawill begin at 8 PM, and it's (you've guessed it) a Brubeck episode. Tune in as host Christian McBride presents an exploration of new Brubeck arrangements played by the Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis. You'll also hear rare archival clips of Dave Brubeck.

That's a whole lot of celebrating! 

The music we're presenting is our homage to Dave Brubeck. The WRTI staff also wants to send well wishes to Bob Perkins to mark his 87 years on the planet. Here's what they have to say. You can add your birthday message below!

Nina Blanchard, Development Marketing Coordinator: Happy Birthday, BP! I’m so lucky to have met a legend like you. Have a great birthday!

Heather McDougall, Classical Music Director: As one WRTI listener, Joe O’Loughlin, recently put it, you’re the “perfect piece de resistance... the avuncular and beloved ‘Dean of Jazz’”. We couldn’t agree more. Many happy returns of the day, BP!

Bliss Michelson, Classical Host: Happy Birthday BP!! I cherish these years of getting to know your amazing knowledge and artistry! May we continue to have your expertise for many years to come!

Susan Lewis, Senior Producer, Arts and Culture: BP! I love your stories and insights, warmth and good humor, on air and off. It’s always a pleasure!  Happy Birthday!

Ed Brown, Technology Manager: BP, thanks for all the PHILLY LOVE (heartfelt work) you have put into your craft—as the years have proven.  Happy Birthday!

Rich Gunning, Programming Assistant: Hey BP! Hope your birthday is great! It’s an honor to know you, Sir. Peace. - Rich

Ryan Gottlieb, Jazz Host: BP, you live life with intent and purpose; love and passion; smiles, laughter, and joy. What a gift it is for all of us to share in that positive energy. Thank you for simply being you. Happy Birthday!

Porsche Blakey Hill, Membership Manager: Hurray! Hurray! It’s your birthday! May you continue to be blessed with the joy you fill our hearts with every day. Thank you for inspiring us with your unrivaled talents! You truly are a legend. Happy Birthday!

Joe Patti, Production Manager: Happy birthday!  And thank you for all you do for us, our audience and the jazz community in the city and beyond.  You’re a treasure and I’m glad to know you.

Debra Lew Harder, Classical Host: Dearest BP, You’ve brought my family and me much joy with your GM over the years, and I’ve learned so much about the incredible world of jazz through you. May your kindness, sense of humor, and wisdom grace us for many more years to come. Happy Birthday!!!

Bob Craig, Jazz Host: Hey BP, it’s truly been a pleasure listening and working with you these many years. That’s only exceeded by the many hours we’ve had the opportunity to talk about our jazz heroes and radio legends. May you continue to be an inspiration for all of us and the next generation of jazzers. Happy birthday my friend.

Teri Tilman, Associate Membership Manager: Happy birthday BP!  It’s an honor and privilege to know and work with you.  You are truly a Living Legend BP!  Happy birthday and don’t forget to enjoy YOUR day!!!

Tyler McClure, Assistant Production Manager: BP! Happy birthday to you. Always enjoy saying hello when we see each other at the station.  Thanks for playing the GM, and keep moving 1 foot in front of the other. 

J. Michael Harrison, Jazz Host: Happy Birthday Doctor!  Thank you so much for all that you have done to champion the music throughout a career that few can rival.  Make this the best birthday ever!

Stanley Weaver-Mendez, Assistant Membership Manager: Happy Birthday BP! You are an integral and amazing part of WRTI. We are very lucky to have such a kind and talented person. Wishing you the best on your birthday and hoping you have a wonderful time with your loved ones.

Josh Jackson, Associate General Manager for Content and Programming: Wishing you a very Happy Birthday. You’ve blessed Philadelphians with your presence on the air for decades, and WRTI is better thanks to you. You are appreciated.  Keep on pushing, Professor. 

Tobias Poole, Operating Director: BP with the GM, here’s wishing you a very happy birthday! Keep the great music coming and thank you for being there for WRTI. Blessings!

Maureen Malloy, Jazz Music Director: BP, you are one of my favorite people, and I know that thousands of listeners feel the same way. Thank you for dedicating your life to teaching us all about the GM. Enjoy your birthday with plenty of vittles and Sarsaparilla!

“Lady Blue," Jazz Host: I listened to you as a teenager having no idea that, one day, I’d be able to not only work closely with the man behind the voice I heard on the radio, but also become true friends with him. I cherish your continued tutelage, companionship, witticisms and your passion for some good ol’ vittles.
Listeners of WRTI are gifted with many “BP Moments.” These are moments when something you say or play has the power to seemingly stop time and help us transcend the drudgery of everyday life. Moments wherein we are reminded of the great power of love and life itself… all because of a song on the radio!

One of these BP Moments for me, is a song that titularly exemplifies my sentiments to you here. It’s Gloria Lynne, singing "I’m Glad There Is You." Myself and thousands of others are so glad there is you, BP. Happy Birthday and congrats on putting some more miles on the ol’ odometer.