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Flutist Antonina Styczeń brings breadth and fun to Inside Astral

Photo by Rachel Rodgers

Our second guest on Inside Astral is Polish flutist Antonina Styczeń, who brought along a fellow Astral Artist, Iwo Jedynecki, on the accordion and Pola Benke on cello.

Styczeń (pronounced “stitch-in”) specializes not only in concert performance, but also in Iranian pop music, film scoring, living in Los Angeles, and EDM (electronic dance music). This well-roundedness applies to what music she enjoys to listen to as well, from the styles she plays herself to R&B artists such as Beyoncé and Lizzo, and she made sure to mention reggaeton, shouting out Bad Bunny and J Balvin.

Styczeń makes sure that her performance gives voice to women as well as Iranian composers, especially given the fight for women’s rights there. In the end, she very much enjoys what she does and she radiates that enjoyment for her audience. We had a very fun conversation.

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