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What Do Frederic Chopin and Abraham Lincoln Have In Common?

From the Raab Collection: a receipt for payment from Frederic Chopin's publisher, Schlesinger, for Opus 74 - what would end up being his final number opus. It's 17 songs composed by Chopin over his lifetime for piano and voice, set to Polish texts.

A family-owned business in Ardmore, PA is based upon a shared appreciation of one-of-a kind messages from the past. At any given moment,The Raab Collectioncontains letters, memos, signed photos, and other writings by some of the nation's, and the world's, most prominent historical figures.  

Writings by George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln are examples of its standard fare, as are a friendly note of appreciation from First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, a letter in English written by Mahatma Gandhi, and one from Walt Whitman to the publisher of his Leaves of Grass.  

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WRTI's Meridee Duddleston has an in-depth conversation with The Raab Collection's Nathan Raab.