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Eric Huckins wraps Inside Astral with ideas about new audiences

Photo by Ryan Brandenberg
Photo by Ryan Brandenberg

Our final episode of Inside Astral features Eric Huckins, a horn player, music teacher, and Broadway pit musician. We talked about one of the key parts about bringing classical music to new audiences: how do we deliver that message? What brings people in?

There’s the standard repertoire, like Beethoven, Bach, and Mozart (your top three), which has been a staple of classical programming for centuries. There are pieces by new composers who are more in touch with what other styles of music are doing. And there are advantages and difficulties with presenting these and other generations of composers and styles within classical music. We can’t offer all the answers in one podcast episode, but Eric has some good ideas, and backs them up with great performances.

That’s it for Inside Astral; along with Eric Huckins, we’ve heard from Christopher Goodpasture, Antonina Styczeń, and Hannah Tarley. There are many other artists in the organization that have their own creative approaches to presenting classical music today — we might hear from more of them in the future! Thanks for checking this out. We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing from these great performers, and you can make sure we get to keep bringing you series like this with your support of WRTI.

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