WRTI's NPR Live Sessions Video

February 10, 2020. The performative power of Cuban mother/son combo—vocalist Xiomara Laugart and her son, pianist Axel Tosca —is profoundly evident.

Christine Vaindirlis

January 27, 2020. Canadian-born Bria Skonberg has dazzled audiences worldwide with her distinctive vocal stylings and true chops on the trumpet. Her original song “So Is The Day” has taken on a life of its own over the years. It was the title track of her 2012 release, and appears again on Bria’s newest offering Nothing Never Happens.

Abigail Feldman

January 20, 2020. Trumpeter, educator, and composer Joe “Mags” Magnarelli has been on WRTI’s radar for years. So of course the WRTI Live Sessions team was thrilled to film the Joe Magnarelli Quartet at the Temple Performance Arts Center (TPAC) in April of 2019.